When Will Almondz Global Sec Go Up ? Which Market Cycle Stage Is The Stock In ?

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5 paisa capital stock market stage analysis


Analyzing the chart for ALMONDZ GLOBAL SEC, a monthly timeframe on the NSE:

  • 2009-2011 Period: We observe a significant upsurge in price, which could be indicative of a Markup phase. However, this rise is met with a subsequent steep decline, likely transitioning into a Markdown phase.
  • Post-2011 to approximately 2017: The chart exhibits a prolonged lateral movement with minor fluctuations. This could be suggestive of the Accumulation phase, where smart money might be gradually building positions.
  • Late 2017 Spike: The sharp increase in volume and price spike suggests a potential phase of re-accumulation or testing. The sudden increase in activity after a flat period can often indicate renewed interest and potentially the start of a new Markup phase.
  • 2018 – 2020: The price appears to stabilize, moving sideways again with less volatility. This could be interpreted as another Accumulation phase or potentially a Distribution phase if the sideways movement was after a significant rise.
  • 2021 – Current: The chart shows a robust upward movement in price, indicating a possible Markup phase. The volume bar also shows a substantial increase, supporting this view.

For the latest 5 candles on the chart:

  1. First Candle (from the latest): A red candle with a slight upper wick and a small body indicates a slight selling pressure but not significant bearish momentum.
  2. Second Candle: A green candle, larger than the first, suggests buying interest and a bullish sentiment taking over.
  3. Third Candle: Another red candle with a small body and wicks on both ends suggests indecision and a balance between buyers and sellers.
  4. Fourth Candle: A large green candle with a small upper wick indicates strong buying pressure and bullish momentum.
  5. Fifth Candle: Similar to the fourth candle, but even larger, it reinforces the strong buying interest.

The volume associated with the latest green candles is noteworthy. If the volume is significantly higher than the average of the previous periods, this adds credibility to the bullish trend.


In conclusion, considering Wyckoff’s methodology and the recent price action with volume analysis, the current phase seems to be a Markup, with the last five candles showing strong buying pressure. It’s advisable to observe if the price sustains above previous resistance levels, confirming the strength of the current trend.