When Will Angel One Go Up ? Which Market Cycle Stage Is The Stock In ?

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Last Update : 18/02/2024
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What is Wyckoff Cycle ?
It helps to understand the stages & phases of market. The four phases of the Wyckoff cycle are accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown. They represent trading behavior and price action. Once the final markdown phase of the Wyckoff cycle is complete, a new accumulation phase will kick off a new cycle


Analyzing the chart you provided for ANGEL ONE LTD on a monthly scale, we can observe the following as well as understand when the stock might go up or down in the future.

Accumulation Phase (2021 – Early 2022):

Starting from 2021, we see a general sideways movement with some volatility. The price action during this period could indicate an accumulation phase, where smart money and informed investors are likely building positions. This is characterized by the price testing support levels multiple times without a significant breakdown.


Markup Phase (2022):

Following the accumulation, there’s a notable markup phase throughout 2022, where prices have increased significantly. This phase is where the public participation increases, driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO), and prices tend to trend higher.


Distribution Phase (Late 2022 – Early 2023):

After the markup, we observe what seems to be a distribution phase where the price has experienced some volatility and formed a potential top. This might indicate that larger players are starting to offload their positions to the public. However, the price has not significantly broken down from these levels, suggesting that the distribution might be in its early stages or not fully developed.


Latest 5 Candles (Mid 2023 – Present):

The most recent five candles are of particular interest. We see a continued uptrend with increasing prices. The last candle, however, shows a slight decrease in price with a small wick at the top, which could indicate some selling pressure or profit-taking. Yet, there’s no clear reversal pattern.


Volume Data:

The volume appears to be generally higher during the markup phase, which supports the price increase. The volume in the potential distribution phase seems mixed, with some months showing higher volume than others, indicating a possible struggle between buyers and sellers.

Considering the Wyckoff Method, the markup phase aligns with the “SOS” (Sign of Strength) where demand overcomes supply.

The potential distribution phase might align with the “UT” (Upthrust) where the market tests the buying demand.

If the volume had been consistently high during the price tops with a noticeable reversal pattern, it would suggest a stronger indication of distribution.

In the current state, with the most recent candle showing only a slight retracement and not a significant bearish reversal pattern, there’s no definitive sign of entering the markdown phase.

However, careful observation of upcoming price action and volume is crucial, as a continuation of the selling pressure may transition into a markdown phase, which is characterized by a downtrend.