When Will TwentyFirst Century Management Go Up ? Which Market Cycle Stage Is The Stock In ?

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Starting from the left of the chart and moving to the right:

1. **Prior to 2018**: There isn’t much visible history before 2018, but the available data shows a downward trend with some volatile movements.

2. **2018 to Mid-2020 (Accumulation Phase)**: The stock experienced a prolonged downtrend, which could be the markdown phase of the Wyckoff cycle. After reaching a bottom in 2020, there appears to be a basing pattern suggesting accumulation. This phase is characterized by a trading range where the stock has stopped falling, and smart money could be accumulating shares.

3. **Mid-2020 to Early 2022 (Markup Phase)**: After accumulation, we see a significant increase in price along with increased volume, especially during the start of 2022. This suggests the stock entered the markup phase, driven by demand exceeding supply, likely due to the accumulated positions starting to push the price up.

4. **Early 2022 to Present (Potential Distribution Phase)**: The stock price shows a sharp increase with significant volume, which might indicate a distribution phase. However, this phase typically includes a trading range at the top where the price fluctuates as large operators sell their positions. This phase may not be fully developed yet, as the stock continues to push higher without a clear range or reversal pattern.


In conclusion, the 21STCENM stock appears to be in a strong uptrend, which may be part of an overall markup phase or entering a distribution phase if we start to see signs of a trading range or reversal. The latest candles show strong buying interest, suggesting that the uptrend may continue in the short term. However, caution is warranted as the price reaches new highs, which could lead to a distribution phase where the trend may reverse if supply starts to exceed demand.