When Will Aditya Birla Money Go Up? Which Market Cycle Stage Is The Stock In ?

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Analyzing the candlestick chart for ‘Aditya Birla Money Ltd’ on a monthly time frame, we can interpret the stock’s position in the market cycle according to Wyckoff’s methodology:

Prolonged Downtrend (Before 2014): The chart shows a prolonged downtrend, characterized by a series of red candles with decreasing lows, suggesting a markdown phase according to Wyckoff’s cycle.


Potential Accumulation (2014 – 2016): The price action flattens and we observe smaller, alternating red and green candles, indicating a potential accumulation phase where the market is balancing out supply and demand.


Signs of Recovery and Markup (2016 – 2020): Starting from 2016, we see a gradual increase in green candles with higher lows, indicating a potential recovery and the beginning of a markup phase. This is where demand starts to outweigh supply and prices begin to rise.


Significant Markup and Volatility (2020 – Early 2022): A sharp increase in price with large green candles and accompanying volume suggests a strong markup phase, signaling aggressive buying interest.


Recent Activity and Potential Distribution (2022 – 2024): The recent activity shows a significant spike in price, followed by a red candle with an upper wick. This could indicate that the stock is entering a distribution phase, where early buyers might start taking profits and selling their shares.

The volume spike in the green candle preceding the red one suggests a climactic buying effort, which is typically observed at the end of a markup phase and the beginning of distribution.


Latest Candles (2024): The latest candle is red with a small body and no wicks, which may indicate indecision or a balance between buyers and sellers. This could be an early sign of a change in trend or a pause before continuation.


In conclusion, the stock appears to be in the later stages of a markup phase or early stages of a distribution phase. The key for the next phase will be the stock’s ability to find support at higher price levels.

If the following candles demonstrate sustained higher lows and the volume supports the price action, it could suggest that the markup phase is still in play.

However, if we see a continuation of red candles with increasing volume, it might indicate the start of a markdown phase.

It’s important to monitor the volume and price action in the upcoming months to confirm the stock’s direction.

You should look for signs of continued demand (green candles with volume) or increasing supply (red candles with volume) to gauge the next phase of the market cycle for this stock.