Will DB International Stock Broker Go Up Or Crash & Current Market Cycle Stage Of The Stock !

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The chart for DB International Stock Broker viewed on a monthly scale, provides a macro-level view of its performance. We’ll analyze this according to Wyckoff’s market cycle stages.

Here’s the interpretation of the chart:

Extended Markdown (Before 2017): The chart shows a prolonged downtrend with the price steadily decreasing, which is characteristic of the Markdown phase in the Wyckoff cycle.

The volume during this period is relatively high at the beginning, which may represent distribution by larger market participants.



Accumulation Phase (2017 – Early 2021): The price flattens, and we see a prolonged period of sideways movement, which is typical of the Accumulation phase.

Volume is lower and more consistent, indicating less selling pressure and a potential buildup of positions by informed investors.


Markup Phase (2021 Onward): Starting in 2021, the price begins to climb, suggesting a transition into the Markup phase.

The increase in volume supports this uptrend, indicating stronger buying interest and likely continuation of the trend.


Current Position (2023 – 2025): The price is currently near its peak with the latest candles showing significant upward momentum. This could either indicate the latter part of the Markup phase or approach a possible Distribution phase.

The absence of a clear peak or significant selling volume suggests that the Markup phase may still be ongoing.


Latest 5 Candles (2024): The most recent candles show a strong uptrend with increasing volume, which is typical of a sustained Markup phase.

However, traders should be cautious as this could also precede a Distribution phase, where the price may start to peak before reversing.



Volume Analysis: The increasing volume with rising prices supports the Markup phase, but should the volume suddenly spike without corresponding price gains, it could signal Distribution and the potential for a forthcoming Markdown phase.

In conclusion, as of the latest data seen on the chart, DB International Stock Broker appears to be in the Markup phase, with no immediate indications of a crash or reversal.


Continuous monitoring for signs of Distribution, such as a significant increase in volume without new price highs or the formation of a price top, would be prudent for anticipating future market cycle stages.