Will Indbank Merch Bank Go Up Or Crash & Current Market Cycle Stage Of The Stock !

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Last Update : 21/02/2024
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What is Wyckoff Cycle ?
It helps to understand the stages & phases of market. The four phases of the Wyckoff cycle are accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown. They represent trading behavior and price action. Once the final markdown phase of the Wyckoff cycle is complete, a new accumulation phase will kick off a new cycle

Based on the chart  for “INDBANK MERCH BANK” and referencing the Wyckoff market cycle stages, here is the step-by-step analysis of the stock’s behavior:

Accumulation Phase (circa 2009-2014): The chart shows a prolonged bottoming process with several price tests in the same range, which is typical of the Wyckoff Accumulation phase. During this time, we can infer that smart money could be acquiring shares at lower prices, preparing for the next markup.


Markup Phase (circa 2014-2018): After the accumulation, there appears to be a gradual increase in price, representing the Markup phase. The stock price starts to climb consistently, suggesting increased demand and reduced supply, which is likely driven by the earlier accumulation by larger market players.


Distribution Phase (around 2018-2020): The price peaks and then moves into a sideways pattern with some volatility, which could indicate a Distribution phase. Large operators may have been selling their positions to the public, leading to this plateau and the subsequent markdown.


Markdown Phase (2020-2021): Following the distribution, there is a noticeable price decline. This represents the Markdown phase, where the public realizes that the uptrend might be over, and the selling pressure intensifies, driving prices down.


Possible Re-accumulation or New Accumulation Phase (2021-onwards): The chart then shows a strong upward movement in price, potentially indicating a new Accumulation phase or a Re-accumulation. If this is a Re-accumulation, it suggests that the stock is being accumulated once again for a potential new Markup phase.


Current Status and the Last 5 Candles: The last five candles on the chart are green with increasing closing prices, which indicates a strong buying pressure and potential continuation of the uptrend. The long green candles with small wicks signify that buyers are in control, closing prices near the highs, and there is less selling pressure.


Given the current trend and the volume data (not entirely clear from the chart), if the volume is increasing with the price, it supports the bullish sentiment. However, a sudden increase in volume with a price reversal candle could signal a forthcoming Distribution phase.